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Empathy: ``to climb into someone's skin and walk around in it``

Michael chats about empathy - as it is exemplified through the America’s #1 best-loved novel, To Kill A Mockingbird.


Heard Podcast

Embracing the Awkward with Michael Verde

Michael Verde insists that when it comes to communicating with people with dementia that there is much more than we currently accept is possible, and that if we were less afraid of awkward millions of people would not die of excruciating loneliness.


Michael Verde

Expanding DEATH OF A SALESMAN live

In this live event, world renowned reader, Michael Verde uses one of the greatest pieces of American literature to change the way we read, relate to the written word, and expand what is possible for an artist.

Articles about Memory Bridge


Chicago Tribune

Elderly dementia patients and “at-risk” students create friendships

Ten students from one of the most troubled high school in Chicago participated in a 12 week class called “Memory Bridge.”


TC Palm

Memory Bridge founder speaks on the power of connection

Michael Verde recently presented “Living in Fullness Everyday: The Spirit of Communication,`` to guests of the Martin County Community Foundation at the Huizenga Family Center in Palm City.



Celebrating senior storytellers

The wisdom of seniors can all too easily be isolated and ignored, both within an aging services organization and the seniors’ own families.


Otago Daily Times

Making new memories

An experiment in pooling the pathos of the frail and the disenfranchised is creating unlikely connections, reports Ted Gregory, of the Chicago Tribune.


Caregivers Unite

Lessons Learned at a Memory Bridge Retreat

A small group built bridges toward dementia awareness, and a small army of networking, luminous warriors was also formed and commissioned to change the way we listen and respond in our care of people with dementia.


St Christopher's

Dame Evelyn Glennie explores listening with people living with demensia

World renowned solo percussionist, Dame Evelyn Glennie, has taken part in a fascinating initiative aiming to connect in new ways with people who have dementia.


Evelyn Glennie

The Face You Wore

Understanding what it means to be a person, no matter what that person’s signature “with” is, whether it is a person with dementia, or with depression, with a disability, with a criminal record…


Alzheimer's WA

Michael Verde Regional Tour

Hear acclaimed US dementia expert Michael Verde speak in regional Western Australia


Attitudinal Healing International

Healing the Dis-ease of Dementia

Training of caregivers of people with dementia typically concerns the meeting of their functional needs. Often overlooked in traditional approaches to giving care is how much of the quality of our lives depends finally upon the meeting of our relational needs.


Hospice UK

Michael Verde Speaker for national conference

Michael Verde grew up in East Texas, where he played football, raised show pigs, and read so much it alarmed his high school counsellor.


Lisa Genova

There Is A Bridge

I recently attended a 3.5 day “There Is a Bridge” workshop in Stewart, Florida, run by the brilliant Michael Verde of Memory Bridge.


Columbia Daily Tribune

Ethicist pans comments of televangelist

Is there ever a condition in which God would rightfully divorce us?


Publisher Weekly

Pinsky Lends His Voice to Alzheimer’s Film

Tuesday, October 16, was the release date for Robert Pinsky’s newest collection of poetry, Gulf Music from Farrar, Straus & Giroux, which received a starred review in PW.


Alzheimer's Reading Room

The Kind of Magic That Makes People Appear

Ten students from one of the most troubled high school in Chicago participated in a 12 week class called “Memory Bridge.”


Evelyn Glennie

Teach the World to Listen

A screening of 'Love is Listening' was the product of a long-term collaboration between Evelyn and Memory Bridge


Hearts & Minds:

Reflections from The Memory Bridge Training Course

Magdalena Schamberger, the artistic diresctor from Hearts & Minds shares her experience from The Memory Bridge Training in Indiana. She writes of the immense value of learning and exchanging knowledge from different perspectives and experiences.


Chicago Tribune:

The Benefits of Intergenerational Bonding

According to the Memory Bridge Foundation for Alzheimer's and Cultural Memory, one of the biggest mistakes we can make is to stop genuinely communicating with those with Alzheimer's and dementia because of the erroneous belief that they are ``gone.``



‘Love is Listening’ offers new approach to dementia care

Michael Verde, award-winning educator, author and founder of Memory Bridge will present his groundbreaking approach to dementia care, “Love is Listening,” on Wednesday, March 7, at the Kane Center in Stuart.


Front Porch Kaleidoscope

Residents Make Connections Through Memory Bridge

Training at Sunny View teaches non-verbal ways of empathic communication, or ways of “being with” people with cognitive impairment.



Gytha Von Aldenbruck - Making a difference

As a devoted advocate for Memory Bridge, an internationally recognized organization dedicated to enriching the lives of those living with dementia, Von Aldenbruck says the unnecessary suffering of loneliness inherent to this condition can be cured with the presence of caring individuals.


Philidelphia Inquirer

Alzheimer’s patients often feel lonely. Here are ways to help them.

Michael Verde of Memory Bridge spoke in Philidelphia this week about re-evaluating the way we interact with persons with dementia. '''Dying brain cells don’t cause pain,' he said. 'What really hurts . . . is the way that people with dementia become cut off from their communities and loved ones.'''

Journal Articles


Perspectives in Education

Developing empathetic skills among teachers and learners in high schools in Tshwane

This article describes the implementation and outcomes of an experiential learning approach to facilitate the development of empathetic skills among teachers and learners at two high schools.


Science Publishing Group

Ethics, Dementia and Severe Communication Problems

This article explores the conditions necessary for ethical behavior to occur by focusing on the ability of the individual to share of themselves and their ability to represent themselves in issues surrounding decision-making.


Australia Journal of Dementia Care

A Different Type of Dementia

Victorian welfare organization Wintringham provides residential and community care for older homeless people or those at risk of homelessness. Clients have alcohol-related dementia and complex social, mental and health care needs.


Clinical Nurse Specialist

A Beacon of Hope for People Living With Dementia and Those Who Care for Them

People with dementia can hear in our voices, see in our eyes, and feel in our touch how much we genuinely love and respect them.


Educational Gerontology

The Memory Bridge Initiative on Service Learners

This study evaluated the Memory Bridge Initiative (MBI), an educational, experiential program pairing high school students with older adults who have dementia.


Alzheimer's Disease International:

Communicating with people with dementia through Memory Bridge

Memory Bridge works to lessen the social and emotional isolation of people with dementia, which is caused by our lack of ability to communicate with them in any meaningful way.

Film + TV

Michael Verde speaks on Accessible Globe TV’s The Spin about Memory Bridge’s approach to dementia and relationship, and discusses similarities in the ways society reacts to people with Alheimer’s, physical disabilities, and mental illnesses.

Memory Bridge talks with the Morning Blend about an exchange between Naomi Feil, the world’s authority on communicating with people with dementia, and Gladys Wilson, a woman who was believed to be incapable of speech. The clip has gone viral on YouTube.

The City of Melville welcomed the return of speaker and educator Michael Verde, who spoke at three free events on dementia hosted by the City in partnership with Alzheimer’s WA and Attitudinal Healing. Michael speaks on the importance of humanizing of people with dementia

LeadingAge Florida presented the 2017 Best Practice Award to The Memory Bridge Program in recognition of their programs and services that are models of excellence, innovation, and best practices at work within the LeadingAge Florida member community.

From the 2014 Memory Bridge Training Retreat in Bloomington, Indiana, attendants learned how to be with people who have dementia in emotionally and spiritually sustaining ways. Participants were matched one-on-one with elders living at an Alzheimer’s care center.


Educational Peace Prize

In 2011, Memory Bridge was awarded Indiana University’s Educational Peace Prize to bring the Memory Bridge school initiative to South Africa.

Innovative Program Award

In 2006, the Memory Bridge Initiative received the Innovative Program Award from the Illinois Council on Long Term Care.

Best Practice Award

LeadingAge Florida presented the 2017 Best Practice Award to The Memory Bridge Program in recognition of their programs and services that are models of excellence, innovation, and best practices at work within the LeadingAge Florida member community.


Mary Jane's Ghost

Memory Bridge and Michael Verde are mentioned in this fiction book about a murder in small town America.

Forget Memory: Creating Better Lives for People with Dementia

Memory Bridge appears in the List of Resources in this book about dementia and memory loss.

The Complete Guide to Service Learning

Proven, practical ways to engage students in civic responsibility, academic curriculum, & social action.

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