The “I Have a Dream” Foundation Partners with Memory Bridge

The “I Have a Dream” Foundation is partnering with Memory Bridge to launch Dreamers and Mockingbirds, a 12-week after school, service-learning and literacy-enrichment program based on the Memory Bridge Initiative. The Dreamers participating in Dreamers and Mockingbirds will read and explore To Kill a Mockingbird individually and as a class. Dreamers will also read parts of the novel to their Buddies (the elders with dementia participating in the program with the Dreamers), both in one-on-one and group contexts.  To Kill a Mockingbird was selected as our core text because of its deep themes of empathetic insight, constructive and destructive social structures, and the emotional and imaginative practices that build inclusive communities.  The program will be held at North Chicago Community High School.  The Buddies in the program reside at Rolling Hills Manor in Zion, Illinois.  The first class begins February 19.

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