Slide Annual Memory Bridge Retreat at TMBCC

Each summer Memory Bridge invites 12 participants from around the world to join us for our annual summer Training Retreat in Bloomington, Indiana. The retreat is held at the Tibetan-Mongolian Cultural Center. We cover all of the expenses of the selected participants, except for travel. Applications are open to all who share their lives, professionally or personally, with one or more persons with dementia. Previous participants include CNAs, therapists of all kinds (e.g., art, music, and occupational) activity directors, social workers, nurses, chaplains, medical students, artists, teachers, residential and home healthcare administrators, and family carers.

The 2024 annual retreat will be held June 12–16.

We are accepting applications through March 15.

Memory Bridge Foundation for Dementia Annual Retreat

The Retreat is based on our “I Am a Bridge” training that positions people with dementia in the roles of teacher, guide, and companion. The central experience of the five-day retreat is the daily meetings with the elders with dementia who live in a nearby residential community and participate in the program.


In addition to the one-to-one and group visits with people with dementia, the experience incorporates presentations, facilitated discussions, videos, literature, extensive reflection, yoga, daily meditation, and many hours of informal conversations with the other participants.

The Tibetan Mongolian Buddhist Cultural Center  is situated on over a hundred peaceful and meditative acres in Bloomington, Indiana. In addition to educational and retreat facilities, a Buddhist Monastery and the only traditional Tibetan Stupas in the U.S. are located on the property.

Interested in Participating? 

We are now accepting applications for the 2024 Retreat.

While our retreat schedule each year varies, we’ve developed a densely packed 5 days in Bloomington. Click below to see what we’ve done in years past.

Retreat Setting

Home to the wooded, historic campus of Indiana University, Bloomington is located an hour’s drive south of Indianapolis in the rolling hills of south central Indiana. The Visit Bloomington website offers information about the City’s many cultural arts and culinary attractions, as well as opportunities to enjoy the natural beauty of its surroundings.

Retreat participants are housed in cottages and in rooms in the Cultural Center. Information about accommodations is provided on the Center’s website. The cost of housing and meals at the Center will be covered by the scholarship. Scholarship recipients will receive instructions as to how to make housing arrangements with the Center. It is not necessary to make a reservation prior to that point.

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