Retreat Testimonials

The impact of the retreat is with me daily. At some moment each day some piece of what we talked about comes to the forefront and sits with me as I make decisions on how to move my organization further and do the best I can for my residents.

Rebekah Levit, Waltham, Massachusetts

This experience has given me the insight to implement the Memory Bridge program in my school with the knowledge and confidence necessary to guide students toward a meaningful journey of being 'with' their buddies.

Kathryn D’Antonio, Roswell, New Mexico

The look of joy on an elder's face as she or he believes they are finally in communication cannot be topped. Thank you so much.

Rev. Sue Ann Yarbrough, San Leandro, California

In this room of accomplished, dedicated, educated, experienced dementia practitioners, we were open to wonderment and continually amazed at the human spirit. How wonderful spending a week being cared for. The retreat center was the perfect place.

Nancy Sondag, New York City