Lecture series includes Michael Verde on Treasuring Life through Literature


A new lecture series, "Treasuring Life" offered by the Fielden Institute for Lifelong Learning at Indian River State College, included Michael Verde as one of the four lectures offered in the series. He presented "Treasuring Life through Literature"on February 15, 2012 about what it means to be a compassionate reader. He also led a discussion on a masterwork of 20th century literature, Gabriel Garcia Marquez's Love in the Time of Cholera. The lecture series explores the lives we’ve lived and the lives we now enjoy. It is a fresh and creative approach to significant issues that are encountered as we determine for ourselves how to treasure the life we’ve lived and the life still before us.

Like living, reading is an art, and the greater our mastery of it, the more receptive we are to the infinite treasures of the creative word. In a lively discussion, Michael demonstrated what it means to be a compassionate reader by leading a deep and spirited engagement with Love in the Time of Cholera. Michael's presentation moved quickly to the novel's thematic center: Is there such a thing as a love that never dies? And if so what must we do to experience it?