There Is a Bridge Production Credits

Narrated by
Robert Pinsky
Poet Laureate

Executive Producer
Michael Verde

Produced & Directed by
Ted Kay
TMK Productions, Inc.

Production Coordinator
Elisa Sweet
TMK Productions, Inc.

Production Assistant
Cortney Lederer
TMK Productions, Inc.

Susan Regele

Lead Editor
Natalya Ryabova

Paul Kopchak
Ki Editorial & Design

Lead Designer
Cassie Scroggins
Ki Editorial & Design

Effects Supervisor
Scott Norris
Ki Editorial & Design

Bobby Shepherd

Audio Post Production
George Lampros
Yukiko Onodera
Studio 300

Slam Media Group
New York

Rick Allen
Chris Bayard
Scott Erlinder
Dave Goldin
Alicia Healy
Rob Klein
Cortney Lederer
John Rosenblatt
Andrew Shane
Elisa Sweet

Production Assistants
Brian Townes

Audio Engineer
Ron Forsythe

Clay Horsfall

Ruth Greensphan

Don Ford, Jr.

Original Music
‘Silent House’
performed by the Dixie Chicks

‘Will The Circle be Unbroken’
performed by Terisa Griffin

‘What Are You Dreaming’ composed by John Blasucci, produced by Larry King, performed by London Symphony Orchestra

“Tuned to the Past” composed and performed by George Lampros & Yukiko Onodera

Stage Production

Studio, Lighting and Green Screen
Artisan Stage and Lighting Inc.

Lighting Director
Zet Smith

Key Grip
Martin Stewart

Special Thanks to...
Robert Pinsky
Rom Harré
Stanley Hauerwas
Naomi Feil
Lisa Snyder
Josh Dorman
Ellen Navarro
Jim Stuart
Joyce Molino
Don Moyer
Jenny Knauss
Sandra Bast
Stephen Gilbert & Marty Rosenheck

Mary Cohen
Chicago Memory Bridge Initiative

Leslie Johnson
Chicago Memory Bridge Initiative

Kathleen Lindsay
Chicago Memory Bridge Initiative

Marie Chedid
Chicago Memory Bridge Initiative

Nick Bognar
BAST Services

Arika Owens
Rush Presbyterian St. Lukes Medical Center

Peggy Mahoney
Alden Town Manor

David Hartman & Ilene Miller
Imperial Grove Pavilion

The Scottish Home – North Riverside, Illinois

Don Ford Jr.

Speakeasy Prompters, Inc.

Bureau of Office Services

Roscor Corporation

Remembering Joe and Norma Soode