All you need is love

In her younger days, Annette was a cabaret dancer. Now she is wheelchair-bound and has very few words at her disposal. Instead, she dances with her hands. She spends each visit with her student-buddy, Jessica, clapping her hands and slapping the table with a joyful smile on her face, while around them other pairs of buddies talk and laugh. Jessica beams back at Annette, clapping and tapping along. Annette repeatedly takes Jessica’s face in her hands, then reaches for her hand and kisses it. Other times they just sit and hold hands.

"Do you have any children?" Jessica, herself a teenaged mom, asks.
"Love love love love," Annette says, kissing her hand.

During the course of the Memory Bridge semester, students work on projects to present to their buddies at the final visit. They are free to use their imagination to create something unique that will be meaningful to the buddy and trigger good memories, perhaps as a reminder of the relationship. Jessica has made a mobile for Annette. Dangling from ribbons are pictures of dancers and photos of the two of them, so Annette can tap at them and make them dance.

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